Sonoma Audio Copy & Paste Support
● Import/Export using smb for OSX and Windows
● x24 Pattern blocks
● x8 Pads/Channels with Mixer: Volume, Balance + Mute functions
● x6 Skins and User Photo
● Use built-in or external microphone

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    Sequencer & Functions


    Generating unique beats is easy as drawing or tapping boxes. Each color is associated to each channel/pad.
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    MultiTouch Mixer


    Quickly change the volume and balance level of pad sounds.
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    Keyboard & Note Editor


    The notes you record appear in the sequencer so its easy to make changes on the fly.
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    Sing over your beat


    FingerBeat is not only great to sample external sounds. It even helps you write songs on the go. just tap microphone.
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    Export to disk or email


    Send beats by email or export to disk. Open your sounds from the pads.
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    Kit Editor


    Pocket 16bit sampler using microphone or browse existing sounds. Search and swap quickly.
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    Download Soundpacks


    You dont just list all your samples, you can also download soundpacks in a talented file browser. "more packs soon".
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    Import/Export sounds


    Import and Export of your beats is easy as tapping a button. Fingerbeat will appear in your favourtite operative system as a network drive.
● Low latency pads
● Pocket 16bit Sampler using internal microphone or load from library.
● Step sequencer w/Copy/Paste/Clear per channel
● Mixer w/Volume/Balance/Mute
● Keyboard + Note Editor
● Shake to undo

Using iTunes


Install FingerBeat
version 1.3

“This app does what it advertises really well: have fun making music. The fact that it lacks "Pro" features is actually a feature for me and the reason I love it so much. The sequencer and pitch editor are very accessible and easy to learn. The interface is smooth, slick and usable. There plenty of kits/sounds, and you can sample your own! FingerBeat is simple and to the point. So nice, I was compelled to write a review ”

FingerBeat Hits the Spot
The easy to use pocket sampler & drum machine for everyone.
Let your imagination run free and your fingers will move the beat.
Available on iPhone & iPod Touch.